Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wardrobe: 1

Welcome to Wardrobe and the World! This is my second attempt at blogging, anyone interested in the first can find it here. In the "Wardrobe" section of Wardrobe and the World, you lucky people will be regaled with my tales of (potentially embarrassing) photo escapades around the beautiful city of Cambridge, as well as seeing the insides of my gradually-expanding Wardrobe.

This week we decided to head to Lammas Land Play Area, bright and early so that I didn't get teased by any amused primary-schoolers, while dressed like a fabulous pirate in ridiculously inappropriate shoes. As you might be able to tell from this was pretty you'd expect in January. Oh the occupational hazards of blogging...

One of the biggest trends for Pre-Fall 2013 was tartan (see McQ Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Preen). Being (more or less) a Scot and a former wannabe teenage punk, tartan has always been rather close to my heart. Being now 22 and not even remotely punk-looking, however, I have reached a stage where I think touches of tartan work better on me than the full-on Chanel look.

SO, for this week's shoot I went for a unusual palette of red, white, and black (haaaaa, just kidding, I pretty much ONLY wear these colours.... Look: black, white, red..., just black and white...all three...point proven!) AND some tartan touches for fun and fashionability. Yup, that's a word now.

Anyway, that's it for this week's "Wardrobe" installment, hope you'll come back next week for more silliness.

Little Titanic moment there... lovely...
Dress worn as top - Uniqlo
Skirt worn as skirt - ASOS
Boots - Boohoo
Earrings - the indomitable Claire's Accessories
Ring - H&M
Belt - inherited

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