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Wardrobe Wants - Technology

There are a LOT of great gadgets out there at the moment, not least in the wearable department, so I thought I'd compile a list. Because the only thing I love more than buying technological adornments for my person is making lists. WHO ARE YOU CALLING A LOSER?

No doubt about it, this is a sexy piece of tech. My current favourite wearable by miles, the Shine is sleek and simple. Although basically it is just another activity tracker, monitoring how much you eat, sleep, and exercise, the Shine's charm lies in its flawless design. Made out of solid aluminium it is small and light, but strong. You can find out how close you are to reaching your daily goals by tapping it and track your progress on your phone by placing the device on top of it. What really swings it for me is its stylistic versatility. It comes in a huge range of colours (my favourite is the wine red) and you can wear it as a necklace, a wristband, a watch, a brooch, or a clip. Fun fact: you can buy this in the shop at the London Science Museum. Friends and Family: hint hint...

The "Bloom" Necklace which you can clip your Shine into - NOT MY PHOTO

Soooo many colours! - NOT MY PHOTO

Or wear it as a kick-ass watch - NOT MY PHOTO

"NFC" stands for "Near Field Communication" which, essentially means, that as long as you have a device (or door) that is NFC enabled, you can do whatever you want with the mere swipe of a hand. Get an NFC enabled front door and you can swipe to unlock it. Same goes for your smartphone. You can also use the NFC ring to turn on wifi or Bluetooth, to share links or information, or to transfer whatever you want to your friends' tablets or smartphones. I love this mostly because of its simplicity. Like most of my favourite wearables, it doesn't try to be a miniature smartphone, it does a few key tasks well. The design is elegant but quirky, it never needs to be charged AND it is the most reasonably-priced at just £29.99. Gimme gimme. 

My favourite is the far-right, the "V1ntage" - NOT MY PHOTO

I've mentioned the "June" before here at Wardrobe and the World so I won't give you a long description now. Essentially, the "June" helps you measure and monitor your skin's exposure to the sun and sends you helpful tips on how best to stay sun-protected. Again, a very simple device that only tackles one problem. I also love the fact that something this sparkly is also practical.

Three colours to choose from  - NOT MY PHOTO


I mentioned the company Artefact in my last post because of their amazing device the "Dialog". While the "Purple" might be far less serious, it is no less fabulous. It is being advertised as "A Locket for the 21st Century". It works by connecting to various social media networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as SMS. You preselect the most important people in your life and will be notified whenever those people send you picture messages or upload photos to their social media accounts. When this happens, the locket will light up but - thanks to the curved lid - this light will be visible only to you. On the screen inside the locket you can swipe through photos, like your favourites, and add certain ones to your "Keepsakes" library, which you can access at any time. There is also an accompanying app to help you manage all of this. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a purpose: keeping you close to those you love. A bit cheesy, when I put it like that, but something which appeals to me enormously nonetheless. You charge this by leaving it in a special ceramic charging bowl, which is something else I love. No need to plug this locket into your computer. It's not on the market yet, but I'll be keeping an eagle eye out for this baby. 


A modern-day locket - NOT MY PHOTO

Although in general I'm getting a wee bit bored of fitness wearables, I felt I ought to include the "Up", because it was probably the first wearable device I could actually see myself buying. It does all the normal things such as tracking your sleep, your exercise and activity, and what you eat, as well as having a smart alarm, which will buzz to remind you to get up and move when you've been sitting on your bum for too long. It also lets you input your mood each day and tries to find useful correlations to help you live happier and healthier. It's much sleeker and more elegant than some of its competitors and, although it still doesn't beat the "Shine" for me, it is cheaper and its design probably suits some people better. 

Colours galore! - NOT MY PHOTO

The Linou Notification Watch and Necklace

Now here's something a little different, Linou's gorgeous new devices are not only wearable, but sustainable, merging nature, technology, and fashion. Made out of wood, Linou's notification watch and necklace blend a relaxed aesthetic with a simple purpose: letting you know what's going on in your life, without you having to be constantly glued to your phone. The nifty little triangle in the centre of the necklace, and back of the watch strap, will glow a different colour based on what type of notification you are receiving. Available in three different woods (walnut, bamboo, and sandalwood) the necklace is definitely on my wish list. If you're as excited as I am, head on over to their Kickstarter page and donate! 


Donate $99 AUD (just over £50) and get the necklace at a special "Early Bird" price - NOT MY PHOTO

The "Ringly"

Last, but by no means least for my Wardrobe Wants is the Ringly notification ring. It does a very similar job to the Linou necklace above: when you get a notification (from your social networks, or an email/text/phonecall) a tiny light will light up in a particular colour, based on the notification, on the side, and the ring will vibrate slightly. Although it's a weeee bit out of my budget, I do LOVE the Ringly, mostly because it so Very wearable! It looks like a piece of jewellery, not just a gadget, which rids it of the unfortunate novelty factor many wearables attract. 


This would be the colour I went for. Just... in case anyone was interested... NOT MY PHOTO

SO, those are my Wearable Wardrobe Wants. Any questions about them, or any other wearables indeed, hit me up in the comments box. Now get off the internet and go enjoy your weekend!

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