Sunday, 24 August 2014


It’s undeniable, we live in a technological age. These days – here in the “West” at least – we are becoming an increasingly tech-savvy species. Even some of our grandparents are getting the hang of the Internet - heck, my Dad has an iPad! Generation Y (to which I belong) is being overtaken by Generation Z – those born after 1995 – who have grown up with smartphones and touchscreens and consider them the norm. I have often found myself wondering whether it is possible for us to invent anything further and – indeed – whether that is desirable. Whether cluttering up our lives with yet another gadget is a sign of our advancement as a species or is actually rendering us less able to do simple tasks unaided.

                For the next couple of weeks, here at Wardrobe and the World, I am going to be exploring the point at which technology and fashion combine: wearable technology. Are wearable devices the future or are they simply gimmicky accessories designed to give engineers something to do and us something to buy? 

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